A Quick Guide to Winter Wine Tasting Outdoors

A Quick Guide to Winter Wine Tasting Outdoors

1) Hello Winter. It's going to be chilly so pre-select that outfit for extra warmth. We reccomend a warm hat (stock up on a Locke beanie!) and lots of layers. 

2) BYOWB: Bring your own warm blanket. Snuggle up with a blanket in our patio or garden area. We ususally provide them this time of year, but due to COVID we recommend you bring your own. (maybe two depending on the day)

3) As a golfing family, we'd like to introduce you to one of our winter favorites. Hot Hands. If you know them, you love them, so bring your pair. If not we have them for sale $5/per packet in the Farmhouse Shop! 

4) Select a red wine flight and savor it slowly. Tannis in red wine can cause a warming reaction in your body. Plus it just savors long on a chilly day! 

5) If it's raining it's raining. (or snowing!) We will not be facilitating tastings during the rain, so we recommend purchasing your favorite Locke wine online for pick up and park it next to a fireplace inside with a good book or movie! 

We are watching the weather currently for this upcoming weekend, but we will be officially re-re-opening on Friday, Febraury 5th. Book a reservation on our website here. We will be offering 3 wine flight boards outdoors every Friday - Sunday: 12 - 4 pm. 

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