Locke Lavender Day & Tour

Locke Lavender Day & Tour

Hello from Locke! 

We are enter the wonderful season of harvest! Our main grape harvest is in full swing. The main season for the Lavender to be in full bloom is June, but there is always two smaller picks that occurs during the May and September/October months. 

On Sunday, September 16th at 10:30 am we are offering a complimentary tour to the first (20) people who register with us at info@lockevineyards.com. Kirsten will be taking you on a tour through the lavender farm and processing room. The topics she will be covering are plant health aka how to keep it alive, how to harvest and process Lavender and finally all the different uses for Lavender. If you have always wanted to grow your knowledge of Lavender this is your chance! There are about (10) spots left in the tour, so be sure to register today! 

Also, all Lavender bundles will be 10% off all Sunday, so be sure to stop by if you can't make the tour! 

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