Locke Lavender Harvest

Locke Lavender Harvest

Summer is in full swing here at our Murphys vineyard and garden, and with it our first lavender harvest of the year! Thanks to heavy winter rains and generous sunshine over the past month, this year’s lavender harvest is shaping up to be one of the best we’ve seen. Today, we’re taking a look at everything you need to know about our lavender, and how to use it.

If you’ve stepped into our farmhouse shop and tasting room, you’ve experienced the calming allure of the 9 distinctive varieties of lavender that we grow. Just like wine varietals, each type of lavender grown in our Murphys garden showcases unique characteristics and qualities. You’ll find traditional French and English varieties alongside less usual suspects. Our dominant variety, Grosso, sports long stems that show off spectacular royal purple flowers and is prized for its use in the kitchen. While we’re on that subject, lavender-heavy herbs de provence remains a staple for grilling and roasting, but there are many other tempting ways to integrate lavender into your cooking:

  • Try baking our dried Grosso buds into pound cakes and lemon bars
  • Add it to a pitcher of lemonade for a sophisticated spin on a classic summer treat
  • Sprinkle dried buds into homemade vanilla ice cream
  • Top your favorite cookies and donuts with lavender-infused icing

In the home, our fresh estate-grown $20 lavender bouquets make perfect hostess gifts and give off aromas that are sure to delight. If you’re hoping to gain more time enjoying lavender’s fragrance, we suggest one of our dried estate-grown bouquets for $10 or $15 that are easy to display throughout the house and will last for up to two years. You can also bring the outdoors in this summer with our pet-safe lavender linen spray that freshens up any spot indoors. Assorted hand lotions, essential oils, and bath salts are welcomed ways to calm down after busy days outside. And don’t forget our $6 lavender bud sachets to perk up drawers and car interiors while keeping pests at bay.  

Whatever way you enjoy lavender, we welcome you to our Locke Vineyards Farmhouse Shop & Tasting Room to see our first lavender harvest of the year and the many handmade lavender products available!

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