Meet the Locke Vineyards Founders

Meet the Locke Vineyards Founders

We know a lot of you have met a few of the Locke family members around The Barn, but we figured it was time to introduce our whole family that started this dream our father had that turned into a larger family dream. The four of us have been the founders of Locke Vineyards since 1993. The four of us have worked endless hours making this dream happen on top of full time careers, school and overall life. We created something special together; an estate when people can gather, make memories and take in the true landscape of Calaveras Wine Country. The estate and business has no doubt been extremely challenging over the last three decades, but are collective passion is always stronger. Together we created a dream estate open to the public on extended weekends, currently fourteen different wines under our two labels, a farmhouse shop, and one hell of a dream garden (tell sunset magazine to feature us). Whether you get the chance to meet one, all four of us, grandma, or the ambassadors that help us led this estate, we hope you have the most unique and enjoyable Calaveras Wine experience with us. Our wine are made to be bold, that make you want to sip them slowly on the patio with loved ones, as we do often. Cheers! 

Meet Kevin: (bottom right) Forester, Master Grape Grower & vintner, Dad aka the guy who got us into this whole thing.

Favorite Wine: Zinfandel and Giant Sequoia

Meet Theresa: (bottom left) Local Physical Therapist, Original Farm Gal (she grew up on a dairy, almond/walnut orchard), Mom, and loves getting you wine bottles after purchase in The Barn. 

Favorite Wine: Viognier

Meet Caitlin: (top left) Current Texan, Business Analysis Guru, Oldest Daughter & Sister, our lead behind the scenes gal.

Favorite Wine: Sequoia

Meet Kirsten: (top right)  All Operations and Management at Locke, New Generation Farm Gal (read Kevin's assistant), Youngest Daughter & Sister

Favorite Wine: Aspen and  Petite Sirah

Founding Locke Family

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