Winter at Locke

Winter at Locke

19 Winter Murphys Vineyard

Winter Season at Locke.....

Here at Locke we have been busy at work this winter season! During the winter months we slow down, but really only the outside work slows as there is much to be completed inside to prepare for the 2019 season. During the week we work hard on organizing our planting and property plans, crews/labor, ordering supplies, equipment cleaned and maintenance, winter wine club shipment preparations, wine orders, warehouse restocked, new labels ordered for upcoming months of bottling, and packaging the final flowers and lavender products. 

It's the season of rejuvenation and rest, but when we get a lot of the work completed in order to have a successful year and harvest season ahead. There is always something to do around here! The property is open Friday - Sunday 11 am - 5 pm still for wine tasting, farmhouse shopping and enjoying the grounds at Locke. 

Also, the winter season brings three day holiday weekends, which we stay open for on the holiday Monday's. Presidents Weekend brings Murphys largest wine festival weekend to town. If you are attending be sure to make a reservation with us that weekend! 

We are anxiously awaiting the spring season, which will bring pruning the vineyards, planting of flowers and much more. But until then winter is here for a bit to enjoy! Cheers! -K

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