Our Practices in our Vineyard + Business

We are committed as a family and business to sustainability long term. We are committed to the tradition of terrior and loving our land so we can be here enjoy wine for many more years.


Here are a few things we believe and do at Locke:

  • Committed to long term succesional planning
  • We opperate off The Barn off solar power

  • We recycle all glass, cups and cardboard. Compost is a must and maintained for our flower fields on site.

  • We use energy efficient lighting throughout The Barn

  • We believe in minimum amounts of spray on our grounds or grapes

  • We work hard at making additions to the ecosytem of our vibrant estates
  • We encourage and financially support our crew (employees) with continuing education annually to maintain best current practices
  • Finally, as Kevin lovingly jokes... Caitlin is a vegan. :)